Trevor Jackson (KICC Book Club, UK)

Trevor Jackson (KICC Book Club, UK)

This book is a mighty game-changer; the author with insight and wisdom was able to unravel flaws and dismantle habits and restrictions that we may face in our everyday life.

Our creator has purposed us to win in life, to lead us to mountain tops of experiences and opportunities along the way; having to face and overcome our woes and fears by pushing beyond comfort zones. To hold onto this vehicle of positive change; He will require us to adapt, embrace and rediscover ourselves and trust the new environment. And also be ready to face triumphs and trials along the way.

The author has drawn out biblical examples of the apparatus of positive change on a people and environment, resulting in positive moulding, building and renewal of mindset. I thank you, brother Ola, for putting your thoughts to paper, this book has strengthened me in my walk in the Lord.

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