Staging and Packaging

Smart Presenting Of You And Your Products

‘Staging and Packaging’ is all about the small things people neglect that makes a huge difference. Imagine movie creation, the number of years and effort put into it is to provide two hours of escape for the audience. It does not matter the magnitude of the resources invested; if the presentation of those two hours is poor, the whole work can be considered a waste of time and resources. Do you have what it takes to impact your world? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. Are you maximising the potential of the ‘Stage’ God has provided for you? That conscious act of presenting you is called Staging. The subsequent act of presenting your products is what I term Packaging. They are the prime focus of this book and in some cases used interchangeably.


On too many occasions, we have seen great products that meet the needs of people, but yet the branding, advertising and sales drive are all sub-standard; hence such products do not achieve their best potential. Think about paracetamol, do you know you can buy the same medicine for either 50 cents or 5 dollars? The cost varies from brand to brand, and the pricing is down to final presentation or what I term Packaging.


Similarly, we all know one thing for sure: the winner of ‘Miss World’ is not the most beautiful woman on earth! The winners are recognised just by the extreme Staging on show. On the other hand, Staging is also the only reason why the ‘not so beautiful girls’ get ‘the most handsome men’.

What about the mundane effort of job search? You have done all the hard work, obtained a degree, do the professional qualifications or certifications, only to go flat with your presentation to the employer of your dream job. This is also a Staging flaw that haunts most people for life and prevents them from landing high paying jobs or opportunities.


You may ask, what was the motivation for this title? Well, on a personal note, I have excelled at taking exams, and trust me, I have sat a lot of them in my lifetime! However, it dawned on me lately that why would I continue to take exams, when I can sharpen that inherent ability to be an exam writer and get paid for doing so? That re-packaging of the same skill set is fast becoming an option for residual income rather than a source of expense that it was.


I believe that your Staging and Packaging reflects your personality and your quality. It is what sets you apart from the crowd. It also determines the quality of who and what you attract. That is why I have made this book very practical and straight forward. You will find many day-to-day examples that will add value to you straight away.

Some exciting chapters to look forward to are:

  • Identification (knowing yourself, your strength and weaknesses)
  • Preparation (preparing yourself for what you know you can do)
  • Staging (creating a stage for yourself if no one does)
  • Repositioning (being flexible to change your style if you are running out of positive returns on effort).


I’m excited as you to see this through and can’t wait to get it in your hands.


Watch this space.