An insightful book written by Oladipo David

Yesterday’s Decisions Determined Today.
Today’s Decisions Will Determine Tomorrow.
Will You Leave Them to Chance?

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Today’s Decisions

‘To err is human, to forgive divine,’ wrote Alexander Pope. To err continuously and bank on unending divine forgiveness is a wisdom problem. Good and evil choices are not new to us; they abound everywhere. Some choices are progressive while others are retrogressive. We have them in our lives, we see them in the lives of those around us, we read about them from books, and God also gave us a reliable record called the Bible, from which we learn about the people of old. These documented references show us life lessons we should learn from. ‘Now these things happened to them as an example and warning [to us]; they were written for our instruction [to admonish and equip us], upon whom the ends of the ages have come’ (1 Corinthians 10:11 AMP).


God made us free moral agents, giving us the power of choice between good and evil. If He had wanted us to do what He says automatically, He would have made us as robots or puppets with no ability to think or act for ourselves. The world would have been a grand ‘show’ of puppets and the puppet master. However, He wanted us to be in His image; hence, He gave us part of His essence—the power of choice.


While we have the power to make the choices we want, unfortunately, we do not have total control of the consequences. The consequences of your decisions or indecisions usually have a cascading effect. Besides the direct impact on you, the consequences could affect your children, your spouse, your extended family, your community, and ultimately your relationship with God. In the same vein, some of the ills we suffer today could have been caused by wrong decisions taken by our parents. Generally, the decisions of yesterday impact today, and today’s decisions will impact tomorrow—this cannot be left to chance.


An inspiring book written by Oladipo David

This is a clarion call to trade business-as-usual for business-as-intended. A timely reminder for you to know you are destined to be a positive change agent. It’s never too late to change the direction of travel by being intentional with every day you are privileged to live. This book will help you navigate the journey of change.

AGENT OF POSITIVE CHANGE is available in e-book, paperback
and audio formats.

Audio version now available


Coronavirus has changed our world! Normal is now history, and the new normal is emerging. Nations must adjust their short and long-term strategies, business organisations must refresh their plans to remain relevant, and individuals must reposition themselves for the threats and opportunities that are evolving. This is a timely nudge to arise, shine and change your world. You can’t afford to approach a new world with old methods. Business as usual won’t cut it anymore, a change to business as intended must be embraced.


So, are you tired of regimented status quo? Are you fed up with being a mere unrecognized spectator in the arena of champions? Perhaps you want to become more efficient, productive and relevant at home, school, workplace and society. Instinctively you know you can do better, go further, but can’t find the courage to draw from your innate reserves to do it. This book will kindle that fire, and help you walk ever upward and onward to what only God knows you could be and do.


If you’re like me, you may sometimes wonder why mega international companies regularly refresh their brands, ranging from colour codes, and slogans, right up to new logos. It may not look rational, but that is a change strategy that contributes immensely to keep the business going. The moral is this; ‘good’ doesn’t have to get ‘bad’ before you consider a change to ‘better’. Change fluidity is vital for any person, venture, business, home, and ministry. And no matter how great something is, if it is not kept fresh and captivating, it will soon run out of relevance.


If you can give attention to the content of this book, then I doubt you will need any more convincing to start your change journey. As we begin this new decade, this is a must-have that will help you to face the next years to come with optimism, and get you well equipped to anticipate and effectively manage all the changes that will come your way.


Staging and Packaging

Smart Presenting Of You And Your Products

‘Staging and Packaging’ is all about the small things people neglect that makes a huge difference. Imagine movie creation, the number of years and effort put into it is to provide two hours of escape for the audience. It does not matter the magnitude of the resources invested; if the presentation of those two hours is poor, the whole work can be considered a waste of time and resources. Do you have what it takes to impact your world? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. Are you maximising the potential of the ‘Stage’ God has provided for you? That conscious act of presenting you is called Staging. The subsequent act of presenting your products is what I term Packaging. They are the prime focus of this book and in some cases used interchangeably.

“Integrity is doing all the right things, at all times and in all places”

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    Despite this inclination to technology and cybersecurity, his life priority is to fulfil the call of God over his life. This call is to provide inspiration and empowerment; helping the young and old realize that regardless of their poor start, with the right choices and decisions, they can finish well in life and ministry, fulfilling God’s intent for their creation.