Today’s Decisions

An insightful book written by Oladipo David

Yesterday’s Decisions Determined Today.
Today’s Decisions Will Determine Tomorrow.
Will You Leave Them to Chance?

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Today’s Decisions

Oladipo David’s ‘Today’s Decisions’ doesn’t focus on the day-to-day issues like what colour of shirt to wear or what to have for breakfast, but the larger, compelling life decisions that will ultimately impact God’s world for the rest of eternity. Using a series of biblical and contemporary examples, Oladipo prepares readers to understand human and divine consequences of every decision, and to align those choices with their life’s call.


God made us free moral agents, giving us the power of choice between good and evil. While we can make the decisions we want; unfortunately, we do not have total control of the consequences. And often, those consequences cascade through generations.


From the contemporary and biblical examples discussed, we can see that the decisions of yesterday impacts today and today’s decisions will impact tomorrow. Apart from breathing, we do nothing more in our lives than making decisions; this cannot be left to chance.


This book is a revelation that would restore, refresh, revive and renew anyone that cares to pay attention. God bless you real good.