An inspiring book written by Oladipo David

This is a clarion call to trade business-as-usual for business-as-intended. A timely reminder for you to know you are destined to be a positive change agent. It’s never too late to change the direction of travel by being intentional with every day you are privileged to live. This book will help you navigate the journey of change.

AGENT OF POSITIVE CHANGE is available in e-book, paperback and audio formats

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    This book is a mighty game-changer; the author with insight and wisdom was able to unravel flaws and dismantle habits and restrictions that we may face in our everyday life.

    Our creator has purposed us to win in life, to lead us to mountain tops of experiences and opportunities along the way; having to face and overcome our woes and fears by pushing beyond comfort zones. To hold onto this vehicle of positive change; He will require us to adapt, embrace and rediscover ourselves and trust the new environment. And also be ready to face triumphs and trials along the way.

    The author has drawn out biblical examples of the apparatus of positive change on a people and environment, resulting in positive moulding, building and renewal of mindset. I thank you, brother Ola, for putting your thoughts to paper, this book has strengthened me in my walk in the Lord. (Trevor Jackson (KICC Book Club, UK))

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    God’s word and promises to us always bring about either an automatic change or changes that occur with time and through stages of movement when we walk in His perfect will. Chapter three is interesting and informative because it emphasises five key stages of movement it took Israelites to get to the promised land. Misinformation and disconnection from God leave most people in the stagnation stage. Chapter eleven gives insight into the practical change journey of the author. His conscious change and perspective about issues led to a new turn and helped discover his relevance as an answer and a positive change agent to individuals and communities. He started by engaging God, who is the author and finisher of change. Chapter twelve talks about “ultimate change”. God desires that we are transformed or metamorphosed by the renewing of our mind, making committed decisions by first consulting God through every challenge and asking for any required support. I strongly recommend this inspirational book to all readers as God makes you His agent of change. (Pastor Samuel Otobo (KICC KCE, UK))

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    This chapter challenges one to strive to achieve whatever vision and Goals he or she has set or had been given by God. He used his journey in writing this book to challenge everyone by highlighting the different steps that he took to achieve this laudable goal. The author also provided 20 practical steps that one can take to achieve fundamental change and hit your goals. I also found the stages of change chapter very insightful. He used the Nation of Israel from when they were slaves in Egypt until they got to the Promised land to describe these changes. The author concluded that ‘Upward and forward’ movement is the only way to live, and it is the ultimate desire of God for his children. (Harold Okagbare (KICC Book Club, UK))

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    Having read the ‘AGENTS OF POSITIVE CHANGE’, I present to you my significant takeaways. You can’t avoid changing, the longer you wait, the more it will cost you to fix it. It’s your responsibility to keep moving and not to stagnate. What areas do you need to change today to get that desired future? When you see, say, sense or hear something you don’t like, don’t delay on embarking on the journey to make a change. It could be in areas of your health, relationships, spiritual growth, your character or business. Start to change something you do daily, stay motivated and on track making realistic changes. Trust in God, let him lead you every step of the way. Write your vision and set achievable goals. Preparation is vital; don’t stop learning. Do you want to be a history maker? You need to embrace change. Be totally committed, intentional and persistent on what you have decided to do. Be the man or woman who not only talks about change but also can make it happen. I highly recommend AGENTS OF POSITIVE CHANGE. (Ednah Marufu (KICC Book Club, UK))

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    If you really want to be relevant in this modern world, then I recommend this book AGENTS OF POSITIVE CHANGE written by Oladipo David. By reading this book, I have gained more insight into how to make smart decisions that bring positive results despite situations and circumstances of life. This is a well-researched book, and the author presented some fundamentals of the life-changing experiences of law, commandment, wisdom, knowledge and precepts that move a person forward irrespective of the changes in our changing world. I want to recommend this book to those who have purposed in their heart to make changes that bring positive results in life. There is a lot of helpful information that will bring to life your desired positive change. (Gifty Brown (KICC Book Club, UK))

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    It is with great ease for me to say that Oladipo David has an experiential approach and style to his writing; having had the opportunity of hearing him deliver a book review. Oladipo is a compelling author who makes “Agent of Positive Change” a vehicle for renewal, rebirth and transformation for your mind. The book ministered to my spirit; needless to say, if you require change its starts with you, the individual. Furthermore, this book is holistically structured, and the succeeding chapters are far from prescriptive. They deal with the essential principles and biblical guidelines to lead every reader into making a committed decision for a better future. I unreservedly recommend it to all who believe they need a generational transformation. It’s suitable for all regardless of your faith, gender or age; everyone must have a copy for a positive change. (Sarah Bikwa (MMED Consultant – Streams of Hope Consultancy & Training UK))

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    This is indeed a book you cannot afford not to read. It is written in such a way that not only provides a thought-provoking response but also gives a step by step guide in achieving such evoked potentials. Reading this book has really been a rewarding experience. It contains some practical tips and concepts that are truly beneficial. It provides an insight into a stop and thinking approach in championing a positive change within an individual’s sphere of influence. The personal anecdotes are quite very inspiring and insightful. I would strongly recommend it as a must-read for anyone hoping to change, and impact lives positively. (Abisola Oyetunde (KICC KCE, UK))

  8. [email protected]

    Wow! Ola’s latest book is mind-blowing right from the start. I am the change I want to see by beginning with the end in mind. It is a book for this curious and next generation who are sick and tired of the ‘status quo’. It has depth, very practical and aptly so. The thoughts and nuggets enunciated therein can be successfully applied across the various spectrum and strata of life; be it individually, family, business enterprise, industry, government, institutions, ministry etc… It’s a catalyst for excellence. Grab yourself a copy today to commence your very practical marathon journey as an agent of positive change in your world. Highly recommended!!! (Victor Sele (KICC KCE, UK))

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