Forces Against Change – People Factor

Forces Against Change – People Factor

By people factor, I simply mean the impact other people’s opinions play on how we handle the need for change. The most notable impact here comes from peer pressure. Some people will oppose change solely on the ground of what their peers think about it. Sadly, the world is lacking in people of courage. Men and women with the capacity to think for themselves are hard to come by. Perhaps the age of the pressures of social media is the culprit; where people will do all sorts to get the affirmation of friends by the number of likes on their social media page, or maybe it is only amplifying a fundamental reality about human nature. But most men and women are like pack animals, and will have a lot of trouble forming an opinion that goes contrary to the rest of the group, or even one individual whose opinion matters to them.

Additionally, it is hard to keep friends in today’s polarized political culture. The vast majority of us form tribes of people who all think the same way on every issue. A true friend is someone who can be disagreed with and remain a friend, but that’s not the world we live in currently. Until that changes, peer pressure will be a force to be taken seriously when trying to implement change in an organization.

Note: This is an extract from ‘Agents Of Positive Change’ – Grab your copy soon.

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